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Glowing World
FrancisKissGirl44 children from around the world were confirmed by Pope Francis during a ceremony.  The father of two of the children said the event was “absolutely incredible”, he said the event was “overwhelming at times”. The thing that is absolutely unbelievable about this scenario is that the parents of these children willingly allowed them to be in the same room with the leader of the largest pedophilic homosexual organization on the planet!
ConfirmPicThere are reports of Catholic “priests” accused of molesting children almost on a daily basis. It is also a known fact that the leaders of this organization are more concerned about protecting their image than the well-being of their congregation. They have gone as far as moving molesters around the globe to new unsuspecting victims.

FugeeIn other headlines, we read that a once-accused pedophile priest was allowed to go on youth retreats.  The parents at this parish are appalled, and rightfully so.  “Rev” Michael Fuege, was convicted in 2003 of molesting a boy. There is no excuse for the behavior being exhibited by this organization.  This man admitted to groping a boy, and yet he was allowed to go on overnight retreats with young adults.  He belongs behind bars.

Also in recent news is a story about 3 priests in Philadelphia who were removed permanently after sex abuse allegations4-8-13-Archbishop-Chaput_full_300Those molesters were removed following a 2011 report which led to the conviction of a high-ranking official on child endangerment charges.  Unfortunately they are not behind bars because the statute of limitations ran out thanks to the protection of their superiors.  Charles Chaput, the Archbishop made the statement that he felt his decisions were "right and just"  when questioned regarding his actions following the accusations.

FrancisandbabygirlFinally, the most incredible headline of all: World Youth Day trip confirmed by Pope Francis at Palm Sunday Mass. Francisandbaby World Youth Day is a trip where young children are sent off without their parents, sometimes accompanied by their local "priest" to an event where some will most likely be molested.  It is important to understand that just like a leopard cannot change its spots, they that are accustomed to doing evil cannot do good. (Jer 13:23)  This pedophilic organization is obsessed with children, and they will do anything they can to ensure they have an ample supply of victims.  Everything from forbidding the use of birth control to organizing events just for kids without the watchful eye of their parents.

The only way to keep your children safe is to get as far away from them as possible.  You must stop handing your children over to these abusers and stop giving them your money.  There is nothing holy about them, everything they do is in contradiction to God’s Law; therefore they are earmarked for destruction.  Judgment has been passed and the punishment is just.
8th-Jun-2006 04:35 pm - THE TRUMPET HAS SOUNDED
Glowing World

As you watch the prophecies which describe the end of the age come to pass, you must be asking yourself “What am I to do at this time?” The most important thing to do when the watchman announces that The Sword is coming upon the land is to hearken.

Why did Y’hoshua say, “When you see the abomination of desolation being set up, flee to the mountain”?? (Mk 13:14) He also said of this time, that when you begin to see these things come to pass you must “look up”. Why would he say such a thing? Up where? In THE FIRMAMENT??

sleepingbeauty2.jpgThis is the time of which it is said that it is time to awake. Wake up you sleepy heads. We’ve all heard of the Sleeping Beauty story of folklore. This familiar story of the maiden who has had a spirit of slumber put upon her has been handed down from ancient times for a purpose. There is much symbology to be seen in this story regarding the damsel who’s been put to sleep until a set time. When it’s time for her to wake up, the whole land awakens and rejoices at the sound of the Trumpet. In Scripture it’s symbolized as being dead in a state of sin and at the set time the Trumpet of the Archangel/Chief Messenger is blown and those who hearken are resurrected to life. The purpose of the watchman on the tower is to warn of the danger that approaches. If he sees danger approaching, but neglects to sound the trumpet, and you are not warned, but perish, your blood will be upon his head (Ezek 33:1-9). But, if you hear the sound of the Trumpet announce the coming/arrival of the Day of the LORD, yet don’t hearken to the warning, and the sword takes you away, your blood will be upon your own head.

This is no longer a fairy tale or a symbology; it’s time to wake up. The Trumpet is sounding!

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19th-Apr-2006 06:24 pm - IS THE DOOR OPEN?
globe w.butterflies

Y’hoshua said: “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened.” (Mt 7:7-8) But be careful Jacob/James says that some ask, and receive not, because they ask amiss, that they may consume it upon their own wants (James 4:2).

The greatest prayer is that of Solomon who did not ask for riches, or kingdoms, but for the Wisdom of God so that he might rule over His people in righteousness.

Glowing World

Have you ever wondered how all the illegal immigrants who cannot speak, read or write English seem to get thousands of supporters across the country to join their cause? Have you ever wondered who is funding, instigating and organizing these protests? Who has the power and network set up to reach millions of people on a weekly basis? The Roman Catholic pedophilia organization has been losing followers in this country because of the child sexual abuse scandal and depends on immigrants for its survival. 

According to Arch Bishop John C. Favalora of Miami “The Bishops of the United states have taken this on as a special task, a special interest in the reform…” 

The protesters have been empowered to believe they have the right to demand immigration reform. Where do they get this boldness and arrogance? Many of these people can’t even read or write in Spanish, but somehow they get connected to this vast network of information, health care, social benefits, organized uprisings, and protests. At the sanctuary for immigrants in a Catholic Church

Take a circumspect look at  the following.

10th-Apr-2006 09:31 pm - CELEBRATION OF DECEPTION
Glowing World

The chief Sidonian “celebrated” the sacrifice of the Mass on “Palm Sunday.” How someone who claims to be a Christian could “celebrate” his (Christ’s) murder is beyond my spectrum of comprehension. This bastard, (Heb 12:8, Deut 23:2) speaks of things he knows not. His words were as follows: "But Palm Sunday tells us that ... it is the cross that is the true tree of life." The cross he is referring to is actually a murder weapon that was used by the Romans at the behest of the religious elite and now they celebrate that by displaying and venerating symbols of this murderous and shameful act.

Benedict XIV with palm picDoes this man look like he knows anything regarding the ‘Tree of Life’? The tree he worships is not the tree of life, but it is a doctrine of vanities, lies, deception, murder, and all manner of detestable abominations unto God. In reality, he IS the fruit of the Tree of Death, that Tree in the Garden of which Adam and Eve were instructed not to eat. The same holds true to this day, for “in the ‘day’ that you eat thereof, you shall surely die.”

Glowing World
palm tree - tall.jpg

The story and significance of the palm tree can be traced back to ancient Egypt where the date palm was considered to be the ‘Tree of Life’ and in its association with the Phoenix, a symbol of a resurrection out of the ashes. To this day the Roman church burns the palm leaves and uses the ashes to “anoint” their congregants on Ash Wednesday.

cross of leaves.jpg The palm tree was considered holy in Babylon also and later was sacred to the Greek sun-god, Apollo. Pictured are palm fronds woven into a sun-symbol. Among the ancient Romans the palm was carried in triumphant or joyful processions and dedicated to Jupiter, their ‘god-father.’ The palm tree was a symbol of victory in battle and competitive games; as far back as 293 B.C. Roman soldiers, when parading through Rome, bore palm branches, and the palm was given as a victory emblem at public games.

child offers a victor's palm to a conquering Roman soldierThe palm tree was embossed on ancient coins, and the Romans celebrated the conquest of Judea by issuing a new coinage, retaining the palm tree, but with an added inscription announcing the victory. Pompey conquered Jerusalem and claimed it for Rome in 63 B.C. and in 37 B.C. the Idumean, Herod, was appointed governor of Judea by the Romans. This was in the time of Y’hoshua (Jesus). (The Idumeans are the Edomites, descendants from Esau whom God hated before he was even born.)

palm cross.jpg The “Festival of Palms” was a Roman festival and the palm was worshipped as the Pagan Messiah, Baal-Tamar in Egypt (Tamar means “palm” in the sense of standing erect or upright). It wasn’t until about the 4th century that the Palm Branches were established as a symbol of resurrection of Christ when the grafting of the Roman religion and Christianity took place. The blessing of the palms seems to have been brought about during the eighth or ninth century. They are made into the form of a cross and, like amulets, thought to have protective properties over the houses in which they abide.

The whole idea of ‘Palm Sunday’ or ‘Passion Sunday’ comes from pagan Rome as does ‘Holy Week’ itself. It’s Hilaria all dressed up in an Easter bonnet ready for a parade!

The account of Y’hoshua/Jesus coming into Jerusalem on an ass was not a ‘triumphant’ entry but a humble one (Matt 21:5). He came to Jerusalem to keep the Passover and what did he find? Thieves in the Temple. Then he started whipping some ass! (Matt 21:12-13)

5th-Apr-2006 08:27 pm - Chronological Perception
globe w.butterflies

Some might say this kind of thing happens every day and you just don’t notice it, or that it’s a worthless piece of information. But if you consider that it won’t happen again until 1,000 years from now, you should feel pretty fortunate that you were born at just the right time to have this happen in your lifetime. You should also feel fortunate that you had someone point it out and tell you it is happening, otherwise you might just go on living your 40-hour a week life and never stop to look up or consider things like the things you read on this blog site. What time is it? What is time? What are we to do at this time? Keep your eyes on The Firmament for things you won’t hear anywhere else.

3rd-Apr-2006 06:12 pm - Coyotes in Shepherd's Clothing

The following is a statement by Senator Dick Durbin of Ill, who appeared on CBS' "Face the Nation" regarding the bill that’s being proposed to help deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country; "People will have to demonstrate that they're working hard and they're paying taxes, that they have no criminal record." Their mere presence in this country makes them a criminal. It is AGAINST THE LAWfor them to enter this country without going through the LEGAL channels to get here!!

The more important question to ask is why are they here? Who put it in their hearts to leave their family, put their life in jeopardy and head north? Who promised them they would have shelter and support when they got here? Who facilitates this population with falsified documents once they get here so they can appear to have legal status to work in this country? Who gives them legal counsel and assistance in getting benefits when they get here?

Can a leopard change his spots? Can one who is accustomed to doing evil do good? Who has a history of mobilizing people across borders?

After the Second World War, the Vatican by way of the “Rat Line” facilitated the entry of Nazi war criminals into Argentina. The years that followed were stained with blood in a dark period which came to be called ‘dirty wars’ scenarios which plagued Central America and South America leaving thousands missing and presumed dead at the hands of these "immigrants".

These war criminals all signed the flight logs declaring their religion as Catholic – some entered the country dressed as priests, all carried passports issued by the Red Cross.

Now the priests of this organization and their nuns are inciting the individuals who entered this country illegally to protest the legal process here. The law makes it a criminal offense for any person to help another person enter this country, or work here illegally. It’s the old “guilty by association” Catholic priests and nuns are against this proposed legislature because it would send them to jail where they belong.

The only reason the Catholic religion is growing in this country is because of immigrants, most of which are illegal, who come from heavily Catholic countries. The only reason they are incited to be here is because their low literacy rate allows them to be fooled by the trickeries of the Vatican. These people should be at home with their families where they belong. The Catholic priests and nuns should be in the Vatican where they belong, and the American population should wake up and defend their homeland, or there will be no place left for them to abide. Get to that!

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